Stedmak College Library

Stedmak College Library has a wide range of books, journals, sessional papers and online resources, study rooms, internet connectivity and well trained and qualified staff to give you support throughout your study time.


Study areas within the library are divided into compartments for group and individual silent study. Our library also has projection facilities, plenty of fixed computers and internet connection.


We have a collection of course books, e-books, sessional papers and journals for our students to use. The library also has a collection of topical magazines on finance, corporate affairs, nutrition, global affairs, economy, management and many more. Stedmak College students will be able to use online catalogue to browse our collections. Students can borrow books for use on or off site as stipulated in the library rules and regulations.

Research Skills Training and Support

Our library staff will help you make the best use of the library resources and facilities available when doing assignments, writing essays, projects or dissertation, or a group presentation to prepare.